Epic Yani is Epic
It only takes a few months for me to be an Adult Child.

I know I’m pretty vague right now but I’m too giddy at the moment.

Lately, I have been having these weird likings for some people around me. I feel like it’s infatuation. I just found them so cute lately. Both of them are my bloc mates and they have been in almost all of my classes so I tend to get close to them, fortunately.

I will call this one “Rion”. Rion is a bloc mate of mine. Lately I’ve been talking to him. I don’t know why but one day I just told him that he looks like an alien. I don’t why, I just blurted it out. There’s just something about his eyes. It freaking sparkles? I don’t know. Whatever. This fetish is so strong right now to the point that I feel so out of place. 

This makes me kind of confused in the things I’m about to do next semester. Ugh.

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(Source: bangtan)

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Track Name: Try
Artist: 장동우
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[Audio] 140810 That Summer 2 Concert
Dongwoo’s Solo - Try [by Asher Monroe Book]

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Such an awkward night.

Motives? Maybe. I don’t know.
I hope it’s for the best.
Maybe this is what we call closure?

I’m so confused right now.
I hope this goes well.


Photocards of Hex Sign

Someone are trying to kill me I swear ! Did you see that ? FUCKING LEATHER PANTS ON HONGBIN !!!!!!!

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Track Name: Memory
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audio cut of Hyuk and ravi’s duet at hex sign



On Saturday July 19th, VIXX held their first solo concert ‘VIXX LIVE FANTASIA HEX SIGN’ at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park for the second day. On this day VIXX had no idea that I brought 20 female acquaintances with me to the concert. Idol concerts reminded me of the ‘Speed…

youth in revolt


youth in revolt


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when you smile, sun shines ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ ©

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